Last Day of Class/Final Exam/Websites Due

Uploading to Hills:

Upload your Dreamweaver website files to the CCSF Hills Web Server, where it will be *live* on the internet.

This upload process is known as file transfer protocol or ftp. FTP is a standard used to copy a file from one web host to another web host over a network, such as the Internet. We’ll be using Dreamweaver as our ftp client.

  • The file space for your Hills account is 25mb. It is accessible as long as you are taking graphics or computer classes at CCSF.
  • All links should function, images should load in a timely manner, no typos, etc. Have another person QA your website before turning it in.
  • When the website is complete, EMAIL Wendy your CCSF URL to get credit for your completed website project. eg: user name

Additional FTP Clients:

  • FileZilla (free, cross platform)
  • Fugu (free, part of the Mac OS X)


Web Production Classes at CCSF:

MMSP 130 Multimedia Process and Production


Your Files:

CCSF Computer Labs will be cleaned; ALL student files will be deleted. Please copy any exercise or project files you’d like to take home with you.

Final Exam:

Log Off of all computers, all backpacks and bags in the floor.

You are free to go when you have completed the test.

Final Grades will be posted on engrade at the end of the month.

Enjoy the rest of the summer 🙂


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